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In 2001, Istum Investment Corp. was incorporated and registered as a corporate restructuring company in the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy, and has undertaken various financing and investment activities such as NPL (Non-Performing Loan) investments and investments in real estate development projects, technology-based venture companies and other industries.

In 2007, in the early stage of the private equity industry in Korea , Istum Investment Corp. launched a private equity fund (PEF). Through the PEF, we acquired the control of KOREIT, Inc., a real estate trust company, and directly appointed dispatched the management team. Through aggressive restructuring and operation improvement activities, we had significantly increased the corporate value and successfully sold our stakes in the company in 2015.

Through these activities, we have accumulated a lot of experiences and know-hows about PEF set up and operation and corporate turnarounds.Furthermore, we gained expertise in real estate development and investment and extensive network through a direct management and operation of real estate trust company.

In 2021, we changed our company’s name to “Dominant Asset Management” in order to respond to changes in economic and financial environments and the revision of the Financial Investment Service And Capital Market Act. It is our belief that such changes will enable us to better utilize our expertise, know-how and network .

We shall continue to reciprocate to our clients’ support and trusts by value creation through innovative investment strategies, in keeping with an ever changing market and resulting diverse investment needs.

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